Heaven is a real place!!!
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    Jezus komt terug!!!!
All He wants...
All He wants....

All He wants is our heart
All He ever wanted was our love undivided
All that's been written...
In His holy Word
All that's been spoken
Tho' often not heard was to turn us again
Back to His love
And He came to us
So many times over again
He wouldn't give up
His love was so great
Yet we continued to walk our own way

Yet one more time
He's planning to come
One last chance
For all who have strayed to come to the cross
And receive new life
Or to stand at the judgment seat of Christ
The line will be drawn on that very last day
The door will be shut
We'll have chosen our fate

Listen - our Bridegroom is calling us now
Come before midnight
Before it's too late
(Author Unknown)


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Heaven is Real!






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